Presto query formatter

1 minute read

Utility tool that is capable of:

  • check if provided text is a valid (parsable) Presto SQL
  • format given query

This tool is especially useful when you have a bunch of SQL files, each formatted differently (or not formatted at all). Thanks to this utility you can easily check if all them are valid and format them to the same well readable format.

To check how query looks like after formating you may want to see TPC-DS test queries in Presto.

If you are interested why I created yet another SQL query formatter, you want to visit this blog post where I explain the motivation behind this project.


Currently there is no installer and there are two ways of how to use it. You can either build formatter by your own or download already built binary file.

Build it on your own

That way you will be able to get the recent version. To build (compile and package) on your own, you need to:

	git [email protected]:prestodb-rocks/presto-query-formatter.git
	cd presto-query-formatter
	mvn clean build

Above commands requires that you have git and maven installed.

Once it is built, you can move it to /usr/local/bin to make it easier to use:

	gsudo mv /target/presto-root-*-executable.jar /usr/local/bin/sqlformatter

Download binary file

Alternatively to building you can download the compiled file from Maven Central Repository

wget presto-query-formatter-0.2-executable
mv presto-query-formatter-0.2-executable.jar /usr/local/bin/sqlformatter


Presto query formatter reads SQL queries (delimited with semicolon) from standard input and returns formatted query to standard output

Take a look at below commands to see example usages

echo 'SELECT 1;' | sqlformatter

cat single.sql | sqlformatter > single.formatted.sql

cat *.sql | sqlformatter > all_sql_files_formatted_to_a_single_file.sql