SQL-on-anything - talk at Warsaw Hadoop User Group

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Just in case any of you were close to Warsaw (Poland) and you do not have any plans for Tuesday (January 24) evening. There will be Presto related talk at Warsaw Hadoop User Group (WHUG) meetup. Go to WHUG website to find more information.

One of the key differences between Presto and Hive, also a crucial functional requirement Facebook made when launching this new SQL engine project, was to have the opportunity to query different kinds of data sources via a uniform ANSI SQL interface. Presto, an open source distributed analytical SQL engine, implements this with its connector architecture, creating an abstraction layer for anything that can be expressed in a row-like format, ranging from MySQL tables, HDFS, Amazon S3 to NoSQL stores, Kafka streams and proprietary data sources. Presto connector SPI allows anyone to implement a Presto connector and benefit from the capabilities of the Presto SQL engine, enabling them to join data from various sources within a single SQL query.

Together with Karol we will be speaking about data source federation with Presto. We will describe how Presto can be fed with data and how such data can be streamed through or integrated with other data sources. This will also cover architecture of Presto Connectors as well as their functionalities (like transactions, access control, predicate pushdown etc.).

I am not going into much details as I do not want to spoil the meeting and because that Presto connectors deserver separate post.

Hope to see you there!

An update

The meetup happened many days ago and to make this post complete I would like to share the related media files. Obviously I have a presentation slides. Also I have a single picture which was taken during the meetup and shared on twitter. Moreover the organizer prepared a video, so you will not only have a chance to read but also you have the possibility to watch. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you are not fluent in English) the presentation was conducted in Polish.

Presto - SQL on anything from Grzegorz Kokosiński

Picture taken by Marcin Choiński and shared via twitter


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