2016 Q4 Teradata Presto relase - 157t

1 minute read

Recently Teradata released the new version of Presto - 157t (Teradata’s certified version of open source Presto). It is based on 0.157 regular version of Presto and contains features which are not yet available there.


The fundamentals: types of joins in SQL

5 minute read

Joins are one of the most important parts of each database and SQL itself. So it was obvious to me that this topic is going to appear very often on this blog. Hovewer, I thought that my first technical article will be about something more advanced, like join reordering or at least cross join elimination. Although, when thinking about what I could write about I realized that I would need to explain the basic terminology, so we could find a common domain language. Probably, most of the things below you know already, but even so I hope this is going to help you structurize your knowledge and find the missing things.



Hello Internet!

2 minute read

Dear Internet,

Until now, it was me who has been always taking from you. I was reading, learning, experiencing. I was consuming you without an ask for permission or saying how thankful I am for you. Simply, I have taken everything you have for granted.

But I have changed. Now it is my turn to speak. I want to give you something you have never had. So please sit back, relax and listen to what I have prepared for you. I will do my best, you will not regret your time with me.