Hello Internet!

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Dear Internet,

Until now, it was me who has been always taking from you. I was reading, learning, experiencing. I was consuming you without an ask for permission or saying how thankful I am for you. Simply, I have taken everything you have for granted.

But I have changed. Now it is my turn to speak. I want to give you something you have never had. So please sit back, relax and listen to what I have prepared for you. I will do my best, you will not regret your time with me.


I have never thought that someday I will run my own blog. I am open to any opportunities so I decided to give it a chance after having this idea jumping in my head for some time already.

In order to get to know what this blog is all about, please see the about section!

My plan is to run it for a year and see where it goes. I will put my effort to make it continuously better. Please be patient, as I am new to blogging so it may take me some time to reach the professional level. Surely, in case of getting more interest I will feel higher pressure, which will cause more articles, a better look, more utility tools etc.

Like every piece of software I usually work on, this blog also is going to evolve incrementally (aka. Agile methods). It is an experiment. I do not know if Presto users are interested in getting to know internals of this database or if documentation is simply enough for them. I am not sure if the form or the abstraction level is good for you. Everything is going to be tested and recognized on the go. See the video below to better understand what I mean.

Remember that I am always open for suggestions. If you have something that could help make me this site be better I am eager to listen. Any feedback is more than welcome. Write me an email, post an issue on github, use a contact page, choose whatever you like! Please keep in mind that no feedback would not change anything, so do not hesitate and write!

Keep your fingers crossed and let the fun begin.

PS. If you have reached so far please leave a comment and say Hello. It will be nice to build a community, so we could get to know each other.



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