Presto Memory connector

1 minute read

Since couple of months there is a new highly efficient connector for Presto. It works by storing all data in memory on Presto Worker nodes, which allow for extremely fast access times with high throughput while keeping CPU overhead at bare minimum.



9 minute read

I have wanted to experiment with Java for a long time to find out whether or not it can take advantage of Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions to speed up CPU-intensive computations. I found very little information while I was researching this, so I decided to share my own findings.


The fundamentals: MPP and data distribution

8 minute read

One can say that Presto is a MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) kind of application. Well, I have never seen a data warehouse which did not follow this approach. Teradata, Netezza, Vertica and even Hive and many many more, all of these belong to this class of software. It is not only typical for data warehouses, but also for any distributed application which is processing vast amount of data, doing non-trivial and very costly computation on it.


Projects and presto SQL query formatter

4 minute read

Yay, I have added the Projects section to this blog. What is more, it contains the very first project - Presto SQL files formatter.

This section is going to collect all the utility tools which can become handy in regards to work with Presto. It is going to have things like:

  • utility tools work with Presto, like this fresh sql query formatter. Their aim is to help you work with Presto.

  • example implementations of things which can be injected to Presto through plugin mechanism (SPI) like: connector, ...